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Serving Hospitality Customers During COVID-19


JetRock would like to extend our heartfelt prayers to everyone who has been affected by COVID-19 and, in particular, our friends and customers in hospitality industries.

We understand how difficult these times are, and so JetRock and our Authorized Installers are remaining open for business and assisting restaurant and hotel customers during this shutdown. If this disruption presents such an opportunity for your business, please contact us and we will work to accommodate any installation or service request while operations are suspended. Likewise, we are working hard to accelerate the processing and delivery of orders for our seamless floor cleaning solutions and supplies.

Please maintain safe hygiene and health measures as outlined at . This unprecedented event may have lasting effects for many, but we know that together we will adapt, restore and be stronger than ever. Please stay safe and be strong!

How to Eliminate Required Floor Maintenance in Restaurants


blog-post-1 By choosing the right flooring material, you can eliminate maintenance for your commercial kitchen floor. 

A commercial kitchen floor must withstand heavy traffic, extreme temperatures, spills (grease, food debris), leaks, dropped knives or heavy equipment, and overall constant use. Floors that undergo this type of abuse are typically subject to annual maintenance. With many obstacles, owners and managers must use the appropriate flooring material to eliminate the need for maintenance.  Read More

Do Your Kitchen Floors Need to be Replaced?


BeforeAfter-267x300 Damaged and failing equipment in the food service industry can be detrimental to a business and expensive to replace. Overtime, high traffic areas can be worn from age, lack of maintenance, water damage, or just general wear. This can apply to anything from mixers and grills to walk-in coolers and kitchen floors.

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