Serving Hospitality Customers During COVID-19


JetRock would like to extend our heartfelt prayers to everyone who has been affected by COVID-19 and, in particular, our friends and customers in hospitality industries.

We understand how difficult these times are, and so JetRock and our Authorized Installers are remaining open for business and assisting restaurant and hotel customers during this shutdown. If this disruption presents such an opportunity for your business, please contact us and we will work to accommodate any installation or service request while operations are suspended. Likewise, we are working hard to accelerate the processing and delivery of orders for our seamless floor cleaning solutions and supplies.

Please maintain safe hygiene and health measures as outlined at . This unprecedented event may have lasting effects for many, but we know that together we will adapt, restore and be stronger than ever. Please stay safe and be strong!

Why you should say “NO!” to grout and tile.


Quarry tile and grout is the most traditional flooring for commercial kitchens. Over time tile begins to crack or becomes damaged due to wear and tear. Grout is porous and accumulates bacteria over time. According to the most recent research, there is more bacteria in a square inch of tile in a commercial kitchen than on a square inch of a toilet seat. There are nine different types of bacteria that are found in grout and tile floors that can cause illness. Small dirt particles and bacteria get lodged in the pores of the grout. Tile can lock in odors from your shoes, drinks, and food. Over time, this leaves your tile smelling with an odor that can’t be removed unless it’s done professionally.

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No matter how much you clean the tile and grout it will still look dirty and worn down. The maintenance that is required for the upkeep of a tile and grout floor is expensive and time consuming. Over time, grout can break apart, leaving a crumbly mess that might also allow water to seep underneath and do some serious damage to your floor. Re-grouting is required to reseal and restore the appearance of tile and needs to be done at least every few years.
JetRock is a low maintence flooring solution to problem tile floors. Say goodbye to dealing with cracked tiles and bacteria filled grout. JetRock is a seamless, nonslip solution that deters buildup of dirt and bacteria. Cleaning is quick and simple, leaving your commercial kitchen sanitized and ready for food prep. Don’t subject your business to bacteria filled grout and damaged tiles. JetRock is completely maintenance free and installed overnight. When compared to any other floor option, JetRock tops them all!


JetRock Sponsors Zimmerman Brothers in South African Mountain Bike Race


ZBoys Place 3rd in The Cape Epic Stage Race

Tim-Zimmerman-e1553627342834 (South Africa, March 2019) – The Cape Epic stage race is the toughest stage race in the World and attracts the best riders from all countries. This year has been no exception to that and the Zimmerman brothers have worked hard to be ready. The race is in South Africa and covers a span of 8 days, 390 miles of off road terrain, and 55,000 feet of climbing. The courses wind through many vineyards, rugged mountain roads and cover some of the most beautiful areas in South Africa. 

Troy-Zimmerman The Zimmerman brothers, aka Zboys, started off the stage race strong with a 3rd place finish against both a former Olympian, Bert Brentjens (Netherlands) and his world renowned teammate Abraaoo Azevado (Brazil). Yesterday, day 3, was one of their strongest days where they finished 3rd place again, and stepped into 3rd place overall. There are over 2500 racers in the event this year making it the “Tour de France“ of mountain bike racing. 

The Zboys are racing hard and continue to push their limits on a daily basis. After 19 hours of racing, they are still fighting hard for a highly sought after podium finish at the end of the race this Sunday. 



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