A JetRock Floor Can Be A Major Investment. If Properly Cared For, It Will Look New For Years

JetRock floors are much different than traditional tile and sheet flooring. Outdated mopping techniques are not enough to clean and sanitize JetRock floors.

JetRock Flooring Cleaning Solution

How To Properly Clean A JetRock Floor

Seamless Floor Cleaning DON’T USE A Mop, Any Chemicals or Enzymatic Cleaners. DO NOT LET Equipment cleaning solutions stand on a Jetrock Floor, wash off immediately.
Sweep or vacuum up loose dirt.
Mix JetRock® Seamless Flooring Cleaning Solution with hot water. Use between one pint and one quart per 5 gallons of hot water (Covers 500 square feet).
Generously dump or spray diluted cleaning solution onto floor.
Let soak 1 to 2 minutes.
For stubborn and extremely dirty spots, scrub with deck brush.
Squeegee dirty water into drain using neoprene squeegee. if no drains, use a wet/dry vacuum.