Hospital Flooring Replacement Can Be Completed Overnight with JetRock

When you cover your food preparation facilities and bath/shower rooms with a JetRock floor, you can say goodbye to unsightly tile floors that are cracked and worn. Plus, hospital flooring replacement can be installed overnight with no odors or VOCs, so there’s little to no disruption and downtime.

Hospital Flooring Applications

  • Kitchens
  • Dishrooms
  • Cooler Boxes
  • Laundry Facilities
  • Locker Rooms
  • Bathrooms
  • Service Areas
  • Mechanical Rooms
  • Indoor Pool Decks


  • “We had 9 areas completed by Feature Flooring, Inc., with the JetRock flooring system over a period of several years. In the dish room, which is the oldest project from 2014, the seams are PERFECT! It is important to note, that with respect to the dish room project, Feature Flooring bent over backwards to complete this job prior to a large wedding event the following weekend. They really worked with us to make this project happen. The transition from the dish room to the hallway is very tight and the seam is smooth. There is NO chipping in the keg area from keg traffic. In the reefer box, JetRock was also installed on the ramp and went up the side wall. The HEALTH DEPARTMENT IS IN LOVE! All of us here, love our JetRock floor and we have discovered that the HEALTH DEPARTMENT DOES ALSO!"

    Tim Baty, Director of Engineering
    Hanover Marriott, Whipping, NJ
  • "Being a staple in one of the busiest corners of the world, the Grand Central Oyster Bar, located in Grand Central terminal since 1913, has had its fair share of flooring issues within our commercial kitchen. Nothing seemed to withstand the punishment that took place in our back of the house areas. Grout between our quarry tiles eventually failed, leaving us susceptible to leaks. I called Feature Flooring in 2014 and they took me through how an installation of the JetRock epoxy flooring system would remedy my flooring issues. Feature Flooring installed during our off hours and we were working in the kitchen the next day.”

    Mohammed Lawal, Partner
    Grand Central Oyster Bar
  • “I can say without question that JetRock and their certified installer delivered on their promises the way no other flooring system or other installer has. We have two kitchens and I wish we would have used the JetRock flooring system in both of them. The other floor was completed with a different product and company and I am not happy with the floor. The floor that was applied using Jetrock is a year old and still looks like it is brand new. Very happy indeed!”

    Russ Cyr, Director of Engineering
    Torrey Pines
  • “I can say without question that JetRock and their Certified Installer delivered on their promises. The floor turned out amazing.”

    Andy Popp, Campus Physical Environment Director
    Epic Systems
  • “I can say without question that JetRock and their Certified Installer delivered on their promises the way no other flooring system or other installer has!”

    Jeff Shupe, General Manager
    Mitchell's Ocean Club
  • Our JetRock floor has solved many issues related to our tile flooring, most importantly by preventing, actually making it nearly impossible, for the water to leak to the floor below, which has led to a substantial reduction in the operating costs to our facilities.

    Julie Omenitsch, Project Administrator
    Hood College, Frederick, MD
  • We have used JetRock flooring in several areas. The product and customer service are exceptional.

    Warren Barjas, Director of Engineering
    Le Meridien Hotel, Philadelphia, PA
  • was a pleasure working with JetRock. Everyone is professional, knowledgeable, and very customer orientated. I’ve used JetRock for several different projects around my building which includes flooring in multiple shower rooms, dish rooms, break rooms, and at a very high traffic area loading dock area. All of these floors have lasted for years now and are very easy to take care. I would highly recommend using JetRock. A+++

    Courtney Price, Assistant Director of Building Services
    The Virginian

Partial Client List

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Howard University Hospital
University of PA Health System
Washington Hospital Center
Virginia Hospital Center
HSC Pediatric Center
Holy Cross Hospital
Clifton T. Perkins Hospital Center
Mercy Ridge Medical Center
United Medical Center
University of MD Health System