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A JetRock Floor Can Be A Major Investment.
If Properly Cared For, It Will Look New For Years

JetRock floors are a unique blend of epoxy and quartz – much different than traditional tile and sheet flooring.

Old school mopping techniques are not enough to clean and sanitize JetRock floors.

JetRock Flooring Cleaning Solution

How To Properly Clean A JetRock Floor

Seamless Floor Cleaning DON’T USE A Mop, Any Chemicals or Enzymatic Cleaners. DO NOT LET Equipment cleaning solutions stand on a Jetrock Floor, wash off immediately.
Sweep or vacuum up loose dirt.
Mix JetRock® Seamless Flooring Cleaning Solution with hot water. Use between one pint and one quart per 5 gallons of hot water (Covers 500 square feet).
Generously dump or spray diluted cleaning solution onto floor.
Let soak 1 to 2 minutes.
For stubborn and extremely dirty spots, scrub with deck brush.
Squeegee dirty water into drain using neoprene squeegee. if no drains, use a wet/dry vacuum.