JetRock is the ideal solution for problem
commercial tile floors.

There is little disruption, if any, to your operation because the material is installed on top of your current floor!

JetRock: Overnight Commercial Flooring Replacement


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Corporate Overview

JetRock’s leadership shares
our vision and company culture.

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JetRock Installation

See how JetRock flooring is
installed overnight.

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JetRock Testimonials

Our client’s share their
JetRock experience

  • Our JetRock floor has solved many issues related to our tile flooring, most importantly by preventing, actually making it nearly impossible, for the water to leak to the floor below, which has led to a substantial reduction in the operating costs to our facilities.

    Julie Omenitsch, Project Administrator - Hood College, Frederick, MD
  • We have used JetRock flooring in several areas. The product and customer service are exceptional.

    Warren Barjas, Director of Engineering - Le Meridien Hotel, Philadelphia, PA
  • was a pleasure working with JetRock. Everyone is professional, knowledgeable, and very customer orientated. I’ve used JetRock for several different projects around my building which includes flooring in multiple shower rooms, dish rooms, break rooms, and at a very high traffic area loading dock area. All of these floors have lasted for years now and are very easy to take care. I would highly recommend using JetRock. A+++

    Courtney Price, Assistant Director of Building Services - The Virginian
  • Our kitchen floor was in bad shape. The floor leaked to the downstairs area in several locations and was uneven. So we called JetRock to install their product. Their Certified Installer completed the installation in only 3 days and what a difference!! Easy to clean and no more leaks. We love the product so much that we installed it in the main bar, Snack Shack and some rest rooms. We are planning to do some other floors next year. Thanks JetRock for a great product!

    Steve Marechek, Chief Engineer - Belle Haven Country Club
  • JetRock was installed right over our existing quarry tile floor, which saved us the downtime that would have been required for replacement. We were also experiencing multiple slips and falls per year which were resulting in expensive workman’s comp claims and lost time. Since our installation, we have not had a slip and fall during the 10 year life of the floor. I highly recommend that others use JetRock. They are a reputable company and they do what they say they are going to do.

    Andrew Jones, Vice President - Edenwald Retirement Community