The Process

The JetRock Commercial Flooring Replacement Process

Our Process Is Simple, Our Product is Long Lasting

JetRock's commercial flooring replacement process.
  • JetRock Floors are the solutions for problem tile floors. In most cases, the floor can be installed in the evening, and ready to use the next day. The process begins when your tile floors have become broken and unsightly. Cracks in tile floors harbor mold and bacteria, which combine to give off unpleasant odors. Tile floors that are worn and broken can also pose hazards to employees.
JetRock commercial flooring replacement process is suitable for hotels, restaurants, hospitals and nursing homes.
  • A phone call to JetRock is the next step, and we will schedule a time for one of our qualified installers to visit your location. After careful assessment including measuring the project space, we will generate an accurate quote.
JetRock commercial flooring preparation can be done overnight with little interruption to your facility.
  • Next, we prepare a detailed project plan that is easy to understand and presents every phase of the project, from equipment removal, through installation, to completion.
JetRock commercial flooring preparation process ensures a durable, long-lasting surface.
  • The area is carefully prepped for installation, which can include sloping for proper water run off, filling in holes, and tying into drains and diamond grinding. Finally, the floor is cleaned for maximum adherence of the JetRock floor.
JetRock commercial flooring products are mixed to exacting standards.
  • To ensure consistent quality, all JetRock floor kits are manufactured and assembled to exact measurements at our factory. Our crews perform the final mixing on site with specialized JetRock designed equipment that adds an extra degree of accuracy when installing the floor.
JetRock commercial flooring products are prepared and applied to ensure lasting quality.
  • The radius cove base is troweled on first when required. This step ensures that there are no open seams where dirt and grime can collect and breed unhealthy bacteria. The radius cove base will seamlessly integrate with the floor for a watertight seal.
JetRock commercial flooring can be applied over your existing floors.
  • After the cove base, we trowel the 3/16” JetRock floor directly over your existing floor. The floor will cure in 6 to 8 hours, and once that time has elapsed, trained crews will move your equipment back to its correct place getting you back to business.
JetRock overnight kitchen flooring replacement.
  • Your JetRock Floor is ready to use – and you can say goodbye to broken and cracked slippery tile floors that leak, hold contaminants, and are unsafe for your staff.
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